ALTERATIONS- Duo Exhibition with Peter Powning and I-Chun Jenkins

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Last gallery hop of 2019 ans it’s a good one…..
BMG is pleased to present a duo exhibition with Peter Powning and I-Chun Jenkins.

Peter Powning artist statements

Alterations – ?l-t?-?r?-sh?nz

A Stitch in Time

The work I have done for this exhibition continues my longtime exploration of fragmentation, found objects and notions about perceptions of value in the context of shifting cultural sands.

As handmade pottery was replaced by industrial ceramics, something was lost. The connection with the skilled maker producing functional ware for daily use was largely replaced with mass produced ceramics whose provenance could not be tied to an individual but to a factory and perhaps a designer or team of designers. I have haunted antique shops seeking bargain china to reclaim through a process of deliberate fragmentation, alteration and reassembly. The factory-made commodity is manipulated by hand (and hammer) to create something new. The resulting object attains its own identity and connections as a post-industrial, contemporary artifact. A collage of shards still based on the original object, but altered for a new function.

I-Chun Jenkins
Alterations artist statements

As an Asian female, I was shaped by the culture, expectations, and obligations of my upbringing. However, as an artist, I need a broader, more fluid mindset to find diversity in expression. Under these conditions, I lived a double life, forced to switch back-and-forth according to my context.

These famous paintings challenge my creativity to express who these women might have been and how their life experiences may have been similar to my own.

I have the opportunity to share my interpretation of the lives of these women in the context of today’s society, to reveal them as strong, independent women.

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