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2013 “Art Treasures of New Brunswick”; Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB. Curated by Virgil Hammock.
2012 "Fredericton Five"; The Yellow Box Gallery, Saint Thomas University, Fredericton, NB. Curated by William Forrestall.
2011 “The Armory Show”, New York, NY. Representing Gallery 78 as member of Canadian Art Dealers  Association.
2010 “McKay, Scott and Wilson; Figures and Landscapes”, Peter Buckland Gallery, Saint John, NB.
2009 "Portraits, New Brunswick Painters", New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB. Curated by Peter Buckland and Peter Larocque.
2008 New Brunswick Art Bank Touring Exhibition
2007 Toronto International Art Fair, courtesy of Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB
2006 “Works after Berlin” Gallery 78, Fredericton, N.B.
2005 Residency in Berlin, Germany.
Selected work at the City of Saint John Gallery, Curated by Peter Buckland Gallery
2003-2004 Residency in Berlin, Germany.
2003 “Engagements”;  Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB.
2002 “Recent Landscapes”; Peter Buckland Gallery, Saint John, NB.
“New Brunswick Art in Tampa". Exhibition of work by New Brunswick artists in Tampa, Florida organized by the Peter Buckland Gallery.
"The Human Landscape”; Gallery 78, Fredericton,N.B.
1999 “The Sitter and the Painter's Landscape: An Analytic and Aesthetic Investigation”- Creation Project; Dept. Culture, Municipalities and Housing (Dept. of Recreation and Heritage, New Brunswick).
"The Figure"; four person exhibition (Sophie Jodoin, Glenn Priestly, Stephen May, Stephen Scott); Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB. Curated by Stephen Scott.
1997 "Landscapes", Trinity Galleries, Saint John,N.B.
"The Therapists as Artists", Isart Gallery, Montreal, QC.
1996 "Stephen Scott, Tom Forrestall, Bruce Gray", Gallery 78, Fredericton. N.B.
1992 "Dual exhibition with Brigitte Clavette, Gallery 78, Fredericton.
"Canadian Brucebo Recipients", Gotland Kundstmuseum, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.
"Sue Lawrence Gallery "Inaugeral", Fredericton, N.B.
1991 Brucebo Fine Arts Scholarship, Gotland, Sweden.
"Maritime/Maine Flatworks Exhibition", University of Maine at Presque Isle.
1990 Solo exhibition, Andrew and Laura McCain Gallery, Florenceville, N.B.
New Brunswick Juried Art Exhibition, Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
"Maritime/Maine Flatworks Exhibition", University of Maine at Presque Isle.
"Marion McCain Art Competition", Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, N.B.
1988 "Three Drawings- Ross, Scott, Spital": Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB.
Traveling exhibition, N.B. Art Centre, Fredericton; Woodstock, N.B.; Bathurst, N.B.
"Contemporaries", Windrush Art Gallery, Saint John, N.B.
Owens Art Gallery Permanent Collection", Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, N.B.
1987 "Professional Sides", New Brunswick Craft School Instructors, The Playhouse, Fredericton, NB
1986 "Group exhibition", Gallery Connexion, Fredericton, N.B.
"Artist's Choice", The Playhouse, Fredericton, N.B.
1985 "U.N.B. Permanent Collection", University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B.
1984 Two man exhibition, "Tom Smith/ Stephen Scott", Gallery 78, Fredericton.
"Beaverbrook Juried Exhibition", Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, N.B.
"New Brunswick Contemporaries", University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B.
1982 Solo exhibition, "Temperas and Watercolours", Gallery 78, Fredericton.
"Summer in New Brunswick", Barbara Ring Gallery, Saint John, N.B.
1980-1981 Group exhibitions, Ring Gallery, Saint John, N.B.
Atlantic Galleries, Fredericton, N.B.,Landmark Gallery, Fredericton.
2010 Portrait of Phillip Bryden, Dean of Law, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.
2009 Portrait of Alden Nowlan, University of New Brunswick Library, UNB Fredericton, NB
2002 Portrait of Elizabeth Parr Johnson; outgoing President of University of New Brunswick.
Portrait of Nels Anderson; Department of Sociology, University of New Brunswick.
1988 Illustrations; Memories of a Micmac Life; The Micmac- Maliseet Institute, University of New Brunswick;
University of New Brunswick Press; Edited by W.D. Hamilton.
1987 Department of National Defence, Gagetown, NB.
1985 Canada Summer Games, Department of Sports and Recreation, NB.
2008 Documentation Grant, NB Arts Board
2007 Travel Grant, NB Arts Board
1998 Creation Grant for project "The Sitter and the Painter's Landscape"; Arts Development Branch of the NB Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Culture.
1991 Brucebo Fine Arts Scholarship; Canadian Scandinavian Foundation; Independent study in Sweden.
1980 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation; Independent study in Belgium.
1996-1998 Concordia University. MA in Art Therapy.
1993-1996 Undergraduate studies, part-time, Department of Psychology. University of New Brunswick.
1973-1978 Mount Allison University. BFA.majoring in painting and printmaking.
1972-1973 Ontario College of Art and Design.
Fredericton Five”; Yellow Box Gallery, St. Thomas University,  text and curating by William Forrestall. 2013
Art is a Piece of Cake”; The New Berlin Papers; Web Publication, The New Berlin Painters, Berlin. 2012
"Strassenleben"; Vetomat Coyote WC-Printlab; Berlin. Limited Edition silkscreen book publication. 2011
Cover “Twenty Poems of Love and a Desperate Song,Pablo Neruda translated by Patrick McDougall; Akamina Ridge Press; 2011
Surface Reflections; The Paintings of Stephen Scott”; Robert Barriault, Echo Press; ISBN 978-0-9864713-0-8
"Portraits, New Brunswick Painters", Peter J. Larocque and Peter Buckland; New Brunswick Museum.
"Celebrating 40 years; New Brunswick Art Bank Anniversary Exhibition", Province of New Brunswick Art Secretariate, 2008
Covers; The Fiddlehead; University of New Brunswick Press; Winter 2004; Autumn 2001; Winter 2001.
Scrutinizing the Surface; Tom Smart; The Salon, Telegraph Journal, Jan 8 2011.
Surface Reflections; The Paintings of Stephen Scott; Sean Flinn, The Telegraph Journal, March 2010.
Studio Tour; Introduction by Peter Buckland, Salon, Telegraph Journal, Dec 6 2008.
Atlantic Art Through the Ages; Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Salon, Telegraph Journal, August 2 2008.
Stephen Scott, Engagements, Arts Atlantic, Alan Bentley; Fall 2003.
In Other Worlds, Telegraph Journal, The New Brunswick Reader; Karen Ruet, 2003.
The Figure: Sophie Jodoin, Glenn Priestly, Stephen May, Stephen Scott, ARTSAtlantic; Ray Cronin. Spring 2000
Creation as Cure, Books and Visual Arts; The Montreal Gazette; Henry Lehmann; 1997
Reflections in Oil: Portraits of Stephen Scott, Telegraph Journal, The New Brunswick Reader; Nancy Bauer; 1995
Stephen Scott, Recent Works, Arts Atlantic, Alan Bentley; Fall 1990.
Guide to Canadian Universities; Linda Frum Toronto: Key Porter Books, Limited (1990).
Artistic Activity at Mount Allison, "Feedback"; Atlantic Insight; Burke; Nov. 86
2000-2003 Secretary, Fredericton Arts Alliance, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Harrison MCCain, Florenceville, New Brunswick.
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Ontario.
Dennis Hatfield, Perth, New Brunswick.
Bank of Nova Scotia, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta.
Department of National Defense, Gagetown, New Brunswick.
Aliant Telecom, Saint John, NB.
Department of Foreign Affairs, Can. Embassador’s residences, Moscow, Paris.
The Honorable Frank McKenna; Canadian Embassador to the United States, Washington, DC.
Department of Sports and Recreation, Toronto, Ontario.
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Burns-Fry Corporation, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Northern Telecom Corporation, Toronto, Ontario.
Former Lieut. Gov. George Stanley, Sackville, New Brunswick.
Andrew and Laura McCain, Florenceville, New Brunswick.
Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick.
New Brunswick Art Bank, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario.
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick

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