Shannon Merrifield

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“We get lost in doing, thinking, remembering, anticipating –
Lost in a maze of complexity and a world of problems.
Nature can show us the way home.
The way out of the prisons of our minds”    Eckhart Tolle ,  The Guardians of Being

Artist Statement

My pieces are often once fired , cone 6 stone ware, which means that I do not bisque fire my work . The once fire, has it challenges, but is a greener and faster process for me to work with. I like the immediacy of the work from the wheel to the kiln. I spray my glazes and love the dance between the resulting layers.  There is always an element of surprise. My forms evolve and change as my moods change. After many years as a trained chef, my work directly strives to create an appetizing palate.  It is however constantly evolving and changing, like the river, trees and ocean that I get so much inspiration from.

Tide Pool Series

I believe that tide pools hold the secret of the universe in their watery ecology. They hold visual and textural elements that are diverse, complex and simply beautiful. There is nothing more compelling than the micro universe that exists in these small pockets of life

Tide pools, or rock pools, are rocky pools by oceans that are filled with seawater. Many of these pools exist as separate entities only at low tide.
Tide pools are habitats of uniquely adaptable animals that have engaged the special attention of naturalists and marine biologists, as well as philosophical essayists: John Steinbeck wrote in the log from The Sea of Cortez, “It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again.”


Shannon Merrifield is a potter, an arts entrepreneur and a committed arts advocate. With over 15 years in the business, Merrifield currently curates and operates the Buckland Merrifield Gallery, a showcase of New Brunswick fine craft and art. Merrifield feels strongly about community building and her engagement includes Co-Founder of FUSION, current Chair of the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John Gallery Association, and sits on the Saint John Arts and Community Board, and the Chamber of Commerce Board. Mostly though, she is a mom to her two boys Felix and Finnian. 

In early 2015, Shannon recognized the need for a centre of excellence in fine art and craft in Saint John. With a resurgence in the uptown area, Shannon along with well-known fine art gallerist, Peter Buckland, established The Buckland Merrifield Gallery located in the historic Canterbury Car Park, focuses on representing the regions’ best artists and crafts people. Shannon has won numerous awards for knowledge of the industry and curatorial excellence including: The Board of Trade Silver Award, the Uptown SJ Award and the Atlantic Craft Alliance Best Gallery Award. 

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