Maggie Higgins

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Artist Statement:

I like to discuss identities and dualities. In my work I create characters and narratives that exist somewhere between the binaries of feral vs. domestic, male vs. female, child vs. adult. Alluding to fables, I use the representation of animals to discuss our complicated relationship to them and the anthropomorphized qualities which we project onto them. I believe the idea of “self” to be fluid and evolving, deeply complex and universally unique. I create worlds in which we can explore and express this sense of identity fully, beyond the binaries.

Maggie Higgins is a multimedia artist based in Saint John, New Brunswick. She is a professional visual artist, teacher, and arts advocate. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in 2014 and a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick in 2016. She has exhibited nationally in both group and solo shows and currently serves as president of Third Space Gallery. Creating work for over a decade, Higgins has been honored with such recognition as the Fred Ross Scholarship, a Faces of Fusion Arts & Culture Award Nomination, Saint John Professional Visual Artist Award, and The Originals Emerging Artist Award.

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