Jeneca Klausen

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The raw and the refined are partners in Jeneca Klausen’s jewellery. Stimulated by the fog and the salt air, natural things like water, winter and the woods move her. Jeneca Klausen’s designs come from an intrinsic fascination for the understated beauties of the natural world, and more specifically, her own coastal surroundings in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Although, her work is more than trees and rocks. With intricate little gestures, Jeneca tackles big ideas like space and time. Looking to her own history and even further back to the origins of jewellery-making, the past is ever present in her work. She is meticulous and restrained in her approach, forever yielding to the early simplicity of precious materials. Her pieces convey an effortless sense of space; an awareness of the living architecture of metal and stone in relation to the body.

Jeneca’s balanced asymmetry is her trademark. Age and its ravages interest her, and she mimics this in her craft– blackening metal as though it has been buried for years, but it’s not all dark art-  certain pieces are shot through with light, designed to illuminate those glinting glances on polished surface. Smokey quartz, charred pyrite, raw crystals, cloudy diamonds, iridescent moonstone and ornate bone pieces blend seamlessly into things like refined sterling silver and vintage trinket finds.

From the earth, to her imagination, to you– here are her ornaments.

Each piece is made by her. Each one unique.

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