Jennifer Pazienza

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“All things are meltable, and replaceable. Not at this moment, but soon enough, we are lambs and we are leaves, and we are stars, and the shining, mysterious pond water itself.” ~ Mary Oliver

Pixelated images appear in nanoseconds. Superhuman art installations challenge market economies. Still, Jennifer maintains an old-fashioned affair with oil paint. Drawn from traditions of the past, yet wholly rooted in the present, her paintings relieve us from the non-stop visual onslaught of contemporary life.

Love, longing, and the fluidity of time shape Jennifer’s poetic landscapes. As does her 35-year exploration of working with a limited colourist palette. A student of the ephemeral; of truth and beauty, of light and place and home she paints to remember, to understand—to dissolve dualities and ease tensions.

Dr. Pazienza’s resume includes scholarly activities in art education, awards, accolades, and an extensive exhibition record. Her work is held in significant Public, Private and Corporate Collections in Canada, the United States, Britain and Italy. A Jersey girl from an Italian-American family she has painted, for nearly 30 years, from her beloved Keswick Ridge.

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