Yukari Hazama Iverson

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Artist Statement

Pottery is a way that I can express who I am in this world beyond languages. It is innocent, simple and direct. I am affected and inspired by flowers, fish, trees, and people, the elements of nature, to decorate my pottery.

I like making the everyday use of pots with gentle round forms and soft warm colors. I would like to give you comfort through what I create. It will speak to you and make you happy.

I do not want to limit myself when I create. I am always open to try new things. I do pottery simply for the joy that I gain from it, and the joy that it reaches to others.

Amaratsu Series

Long ago, a goddess, who occasionally took the form of a white wolf, came down to Earth. Her name, Amaterasu, is composed of the Japanese characters ama (?) for “heaven”, and terasu (?), “to shine”. Hence, “shining over heaven”.  She was also called ?kami literally “great god” and “wolf”. In Japanese mythology, this is the name of the sun goddess who rules over heaven. At one time, she had hidden in a cave, away from his brother, the storm god Susanoo. Yet, by way of sensual dances and laughter, the other gods succeeded to pull her out from her hiding place. She returned to the sky then, thus bringing light back into the world.

The legend of Amaterasu, as well as other Japanese myths and legends, tells stories of nature, land, and the seasons, which often symbolize our own human nature, ki (energy flow) and emotions. By invoking these images in my work, I want to express the warmth of everyday life, and nature’s love, which is always there by our side to comfort us. We are part of this nature, and so is pottery.

Amaterasu is a goddess who loves people, animals, flowers and nature, who saved the land from darkness. The goddess of the sun loves joy and happiness, and illuminates our lives with her light. Even during rainy days, the sun shines above the clouds.

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