Marie Fox

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My subject matter is based on my own widely diverse peer group which ranges from the transgendered to the tattooed to the devout Buddhist to the Atheist. The paintings represent a noncommittal mysticism with echoes of religious iconography, intertwined with the raw spirit world of Pagan lore and the infinite sprawl of the Internet. While the subjects are conveyed with the markings and social background of the modern world, they are expressed in the tradition of Western figurative painting (particularly that of the northern Gothic of 15th century Flemish art). My models are stripped bare of time and space, their clothing for the most part, and placed in ambiguous backgrounds or sky-painted in moments of ecstasy, playfulness, purity and ferocity. In choosing to expose and share these personal moments and mythologies with the artist/ audience the models are able to participate threefold. My paintings convey the sensual, the erotic and the spiritual. They are more lively than the photographic, weaving together a conversation that resonates outside of time and space. I see them as tongue in cheek, a mix of raw sexual wildness, religious rapture and a removed, god-like detachment. Each painting leads intuitively into the next and lends itself to inclusivity, the breaking down of social barriers, and certainly to conversation. I work in the tradition of an earlier time, painting in oil on wood panels, using translucent layers of colour that echo gothic and renaissance styles. I seek to weave together a conversation that resonates outside of time and space, darkness and light.

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