Teena Dickerson

Artist Statement

Carving out time, space, and place. Carving in stone, metal, wood and clay. I find transcendence through carving; find purpose and meaning through tool strokes and shining finishes.

The creative process is as spiritual as it is physical. I believe that it is part of the artistsā€™ craft to act as a medium for this process and to liberate artwork rather than dictate it.

This body of work is narrative, it has spoken through many mediums, and its stories changeĀ  in each reading.

Artist Bio

Teena Dickerson is an artist and writer dedicated to creativity and passion. She graduate from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 1995 and created jewelry and sculpture along the banks of the picturesque Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick until 2013.

In 2013, Teena completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree at the University of New Brunswick and then moved to Alberta to continue her education at the University of Calgary in a Masters program in Education studying creativity and self realization. While completing graduate work, Teena has opened a studio in the softly rolling hills of Central Alberta.

Teena specializes in traditional techniques including carving, lost wax casting, and hand fabrication (working in sterling silver, gold, bronze and stone) while embracing new technology; bringing the artisan’s life, and creative process, out of the dark seclusion of the workshop into a shared, intimate, and collaborative experience.



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