The Barber’s Daughter

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Gisele is an artist and mindfulness practitioner who has spent many years curating jewelry that serves as a tool for deeper meaning and purpose.

She began her entrepreneurial endeavors in 1990. Theriault is a skilled calligrapher and originally owned a calligraphy gallery. As her jewelry progressed she developed a home line of chain mail lighting and created healing environments with interior design.

Travel and spiritual teachings have played a big role in her designs and overall intention for The Barber’s Daughters. From walking the Camino de Santigo Pilgrimage in Spain, meditation retreats with Thich Nhat Hahn in his monastery in France or a journey to India with founder of Keep A Child Alive, Leigh Blake, these experiences have all helped her create a clear intention to support and assist in the deepest possible way.

Gisele is involved with several charities including: Arms Around a Child, Keep a Child Alive, Toronto Hospice and the Monastics of Plum Village.

Gisèle Theriault began to pursue Jewellery design in 1990 while she was expecting her third child, a son. He was born five years to the day of her father’s death. Her father was the village barber in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Intrigued by stories of humanity and their symmetries her father was a passionate listener as the barbershop echoed with stories.

When he retold many of the village’s tribulations and triumphs around his family supper table the stories became imbued with a sense of human proportion and achievement. The spirit of compassion in this gentle man and a wonderful storyteller Inspired the dedication of The Barber’s Daughters.

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