The Ancient New by Amy Dryer

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The Ancient New

Every landscape surrounds us with what is both ancient and new.  In the west, we are close to the mountains, while in the east, the ancient ocean shapes the landscape. Though the presence of the ocean is old, and seems that is has always been there, it is also new every day.


This body of paintings expresses that which is simultaneously old and new – a woman arranging flowers in a vase, a building that is surrounded by stars on a hill in Saint John, an inner space and window containing flowers, a table ready for visitors, a collection of people in front of the ocean.  These images are old, ancient really: symbolic in their representations of a generation of people and the patterns of their lives. Like the ocean waves, both new and old, generation after generation find peace and connection in simple everyday objects and perspectives. These stories are both unique and historical – Amy Dryer 2019

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