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Suzanne Hill is the 2016 recipient of the New Brunswick Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for High Achievement in Visual Arts and a Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Strathbutler recipient.

In this exciting new body of work, UNSTABLE BORDERS, Suzanne is exploring the limits and challenges of boundaries, borders and territories both mental and physical.

“I am working around an idea that might reference personal conditions and situations … but without using the body as part of the imagery.  Maps.  The idea of a map can go beyond traditional cartography .

Maps … ultimately testify to our belief in the value of exploration, whether the compass is pointed inward or out.  … the mind as a dynamic vessel of exploration; it does not travel according to the limits of the compass rose, but moves by association.”[1]

“…sometimes in life we can’t grasp the boundary between reality and unreality.  That boundary always seems to be shifting.  As if the border between countries shifts from one day to the next depending on their mood.  We need to pay close attention to that movement, otherwise we won’t know which side we’re on.”[2]

These imaginary maps can represent themselves, but may also be metaphors for an individual’s personal concerns and attitudes.

I hope this body of  work will generate thoughts/questions resulting in an understanding/awareness of personal “cartography”, real or imagined. ”

Suzanne Hill 2019

[1]Katharine Harmon:  Personal Geographies and other Maps of the Imagination, page 19

[2]Haruki Murakami: Killing Commendatore, page 206

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